Our Story

Welcome to Artifex where we bring our passion for tropical and exotic plants to you.

Having always been interested in the natural, weird and wonderful from a young age, what started as a hobby of keeping a small collection of plants quickly became an obsession. Our house at one point was affectionately known as Cheshire’s answer to Kew Gardens. We wanted to have the ability to bring a slice of this to everyone, whether it be in your home or workspace, and to have as little maintenance as possible. This is where terrariums became a new passion.

Terrariums can bring a beautiful portal of a tropical environment to anywhere you wish. Filled with nature, colour and good energy, they create a calm space around them. We fill our terrariums with colourful tropical plants, soft mosses and stunning gemstones. They are low maintenance making them perfect for any plant caring abilities.

A few years ago, one was given to a friend with little in the way of plant knowledge. It continues to thrive and this present was the start of what is now Artifex. This little terrarium was admired by visitors who wanted one for themselves. Off the back of that, we began to do a few local markets with great success seeing us through to becoming regulars. The products then began to quickly evolve, with the addition of enhancing accessories to suit all tastes. We even began to delve into the wonderful world of succulents and cacti and found them to be extremely popular with our growing customer base.

More recently, we have added zero maintenance preserved plant artwork to our portfolio as well as unusual glass and nature based home décor.

We now also offer a ‘direct import’ plants service, where customers can select from a vast array of rare and interesting species from our suppliers around the world.

The list of our terrariums, preserved artwork and home interiors continues to grow and we are always listening to our customers and improving our products to suit everyone.